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Liz Coward Evans

I am a Counsellor with 20 years experience. I have been a Stress Counsellor in a Medical Centre and Singleton Hospital for 10 years and I have 20 years of working in a Fertility Clinic. I can discuss decisions about treatment options and I am experienced in Support and Implications counselling for using Donor Sperm or Donor eggs, Surrogacy, Miscarriage, Loss and Relationship issues.
My particular skills and interest are working with Stress and Anxiety, Bereavement and Relationship problems.
I offer counselling in a warm, understanding, supportive environment.

Contact Details

Infertility Clinic Counsellor for: 
London Women's Clinic Wales
Location description: 
Swansea and Cardiff. London Womens Clinic
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Services offered: 
Face to face
Skype counselling
United Kingdom
51° 37' 9.7428" N, 4° 2' 20.1264" W

Counselling Qualifications


BSc Soc Hons. Cert and Diploma Counselling.

Therapist Information

Professional base: 
Special interest: 

Stress and Anxiety. Fertility issues related to Infertility. Donor Conception, , Implications and Support. Couple relationships, Same-Sex couples and Single women. Loss and Grief. Miscarriage.

Professional Memberships: 
AMBICA (Accredited Member of the British Infertility Counselling Association)
British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy