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Germany: Court Rules No Anonymity for Sperm Donors

Links to the BioNews comments below following the German court decision on January 28th 2015 that donor conceived people have the right to access identifying information:



Counsellor Vacancy Liverpool Women's Hospital

The Hewitt Fertility Centre is the largest NHS provider of fertility services in the North West.

Please visit the NHS website for more information by clicking here


"THE EMPTY FRAME" - New play by Sophie NL Besse

A new play The Empty Frame explores the hidden side of infertility - coping
with the struggle and its toll on patients

About the play...
A stage. Lots of pictures hanging everywhere. Some call it a mess, others a life. Somewhere in the middle, HE and SHE and their baby that they can already see.

Lister - Counsellor Vacancy

Fertility Counsellor vacancy has become available at The Lister Fertility Clinic, London.

For more information please go to: 

Link has been updated 30 January 2015

HFEA Flow chart for Registration, Consent, Screening and Legal Parenthood

The HFEA have shared a new simple tool for ensuring correct consent forms are signed

Shared in this months Clinic Focus the tool can be downloaded by clicking here

HFEA Update Patient Information Guide

The HFEA have updated their patient information guide 'Getting Started' 

Copies can be ordered or downloaded Click Here for more information

National Sperm Bank Launches Today

National Sperm Bank opens its doors on 30 October 2014 

The world's first independent National Sperm Bank, a collaboration between the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) and Birmingham Women's Hospital, will launch on Thursday 30 October 2014, during National Fertility Awareness Week. #NFAW

HFEA publishes egg and sperm donation statistics report

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has today published its latest figures on egg and sperm donation.

The report, “Egg and sperm donation in the UK 2012-2013”, which also includes figures on egg sharing, is the first time the HFEA Register’s donation data has been published in this form, and offers insights such as:

National Fertility Awareness Week 2014 #NFAW

Once again, the aim of National Fertility Awareness Week is, quite simply to:

Change the conversation and get more people talking about fertility issues
Explain what options exist for people struggling to conceive
Highlight the extent and impact infertility has on people’s lives

Find out more by clicking here



NGDT announce first 'Donor Centre of Excellence'

Cheshire-based Manchester Fertility has been awarded ‘Donor Centre of Excellence’ status by the National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT); the country’s leading egg, sperm and embryo donation services charity. The award is the NGDT’s new and prestigious kite mark, designed to celebrate and reward clinics which reach the gold standard in donor care.